Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snapshots of Life in Leiden: Balcony Dinner

David is officially Dutch - in the last 48 hrs he has accomplished the following: riding his bike while carrying a suitcase...and riding said bike while carrying three bags of groceries! I think one of our favorite past-times here is to sit on our balcony and watch people: 1) riding bikes while carrying bags and children, holding an open umbrella, and talking on cellphones all at the same time 2) watching people in boats traveling down the canal right outside our place and ducking so they don't lose a head while crossing under a particularly low bridge.

Anyways...we managed to secure and cart home a freshly baked baguette, so eating cheese (and Queen Victoria plums/lingonberries) on the balcony catapulted to being our number one dinner option. Hoping for more sunny, beautiful days!!


  1. The photographs of your balcony and the canal and dinner are my favourite parts of your post. Thanks for sharing your adventures. I'll be sure to keep abreast. Good that one of you has the diligence to document distances and histories, as this could make an excellent travel guide should I ever visit!

  2. Glad you could take a look! Most of our pictures are taken with the fancy camera of an iPhone, so we pretty much need a ton of natural light for anything to look decent. Fortunately that's what our balcony is for!