Monday, January 30, 2012

Catchin' up...

So here we are...almost February...and it has been several, several months since our last post! Before we get into our latest travels/adventures, we thought we'd put up some pictures of life prior to Ophthalmology interview season descending on us!

Way back at the end of September, we spent a weekend in England visiting with my relatives (Arun Uncle, Suman Aunty, Raj, and Neeraj) and my parents! We've visited them in England with some regularity - and many of my early memories involve eating grilled food off the "barbie" in their backyard after attempting to play cricket (but before the communal kiddie-bath that our parents very generously documented through both photographs and videos). Anyways, from the earliest I can remember, these trips have always involved plans to go see some English palace or another that get pushed aside because my dad and his brother vastly prefer getting into  heated discussions at the house over a cup of tea. They can debate any topic in the world: the US v. the UK (ok, I guess that one is natural), Ronald Reagan v. Margaret Thatcher (ok, could anticipate that one too), ice cream v. frozen yogurt, the merits of internet v. teletext (!!!!).  See? Ridiculous.

Anyways, this weekend turned out quite similarly: we had plans to visit Blenheim Palace (childhood home of Winston Churchill) and succeeded in loading all 8 of us into two cars (this meant that we also succeeded in getting everyone out of the house - amazing!). However, 20 minutes into the drive our car (can we still call it the kids' car?) realized that it would take about 4 hours longer to get there if we drove at Arun Uncle's 20-below the speed limit pace. So we took matters into our own hands: we took a detour to a lovely pub along the Thames where the 8 of us proceeded to enjoy English beers and Pimms Cups before a leisurely walk along the river. Oooh, did I mention that pub food has improved tremendously and I had a delicious gooseberry-ginger crumble with custard. Soooo yum!

As we were driving to their house, we saw what we presumed to be a Doritos truck. Can you guess what is the British equivalent to our Doritos!? Click on the photo below to enlarge. For reals?!

The relaxing weekend concluded with mojitos and a heated US v. UK game of Family Feud. Apparently after a few mojitos my mom has a hard time with names - and now you know why Raj now goes by Ray.

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