Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday in Leiden

After much debate, and due partially to the unreliable internet connection that has limited our posts recently, we stayed in Leiden this weekend. We had a great dinner at my advisor's house Friday night, went on our first "big" (only 7 km each way, but 2 cities away!) cycling trip, and spent Sunday reading and then taking a walk around to explore the town some more.

I remarked in passing once that we seem to have moved to Stars Hollow. This weekend, there's been: a Holland Men's Folk Chorus near a dockside, billowing display of old-fashioned steam engines; the duel of techno-for-children v. Dutch rock 'n roll from a moving barge; horses pulling carts, and horses being ridden bareback next to a bicycle; much ringing of church bells, part of the "Open Monument Day" where people across the country visit historic windmills, factories, and town halls.

We didn't try to capture everything, but here's what we saw on a walk Sunday afternoon.

We have to enjoy all the shades of green before the weather drives them away.

Ya know, typical getting around town.

Cool comes easy to some people. 
Sadly, we did not stick around for their cover of "I'm on a Boat."

Food trucks don't need Twitter when they serve something warm and sugary.

In the Netherlands, you can always diversify your picture by including a bicycle.

Still can't believe this is the view from our home.

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  1. Stars Hollow!!! Ahh so jealous. If only you had too very talkative women having a running commentary.