Sunday, September 18, 2011


My parents are visiting and we're having a great time showing them some of the sights (and tastes!) that we have discovered as we approach two months of living here! While Dutch people often note that their cuisine is not particularly remarkable, there are several more traditional Dutch treats that are definitely worth trying. One such item is pannenkoeken, or Dutch pancakes. Unlike American pancakes which are thick and fluffy, these are more like [huge] crepes. Moreover, most pannenkoeken restaurants have hundreds of options in terms of what can be baked into the pancake - for example, our group of four had: apple, ginger, powdered sugar; bacon and ginger; bacon, apple, cheese; and bacon, ham, mushrooms, cheese. If any of you have met my mom, I'm assuming you can guess right away that her's was the only non-savory pancake. Anyways, at Oudt Leyden, the pancakes are served on these giant, round platters from Delft, which is where the traditional blue & white Dutch pottery is made. It is quite a treat to finish the pancake and to be left to admire the Delft pottery that lies beneath. However, in our group, only one person was able to uncover completely the Delft design lying underneath the pancake...scroll through the pictures below to discover who won the clean plate award that night:


  1. Needless to say, I was not the only one who had the whole pancake. "It was the bast pancake that all pitched in to taste it" says Mom