Sunday, October 9, 2011

Time flies...

Wow, it has been 3 weeks since our last post - time flies when you are having fun (aka- hanging out with visitors)!  In the last several weeks we had the pleasure of visits from my [awesome] parents and our [dear] friend, Radha, as well as quick trips over to England and to Paris! Phew, it's been busy (and to any of our friends in residency reading this, I know that comparatively I don't actually have the right to use that word to describe any aspect of our life right now)! Very thankful that we got to see so many wonderfully familiar faces over the past several weeks - and now back to reality...

So while we get our life in order, here's a quick post on a phenomenon which continues to intrigue us: sprinkles for lunch! The Dutch love sprinkles - yes, these are the very same sprinkles we throw atop ice cream...or perhaps even a cake. In fact, in our grocery store, half of an entire aisle is dedicated to various types of sprinkles.

Here, sprinkles can be (and are!) eaten at any time of day and are not simply a viewed as a dessert topping. I have one colleague who eats bread+butter+sprinkles (or chocolate flakes) for lunch every day. In fact, he has graciously agreed to let me take pictures of him performing this daily routine - thanks, Herbert!

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